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New arrival-Smart dental 5-axis milling machine


New arrival-Smart dental

5-axis milling machine


Up3d hopes everything goes well with you.

we have experienced a very unusual 2020 and UP3D Technology never stop moving forward and has been working hard to explore and develop new digital products; We firmly believe in the concept of “Digital technology improves life” and provide the best digital products and services to you.

Compared with the previous P5, P52 made the following changes:

New look

More elegant look, pursuing the ultimate simplicity of quality; but the performance is not simple. P52 adopts injection-molded shell, which has better sealing performance, stronger design sense, and environmentally friendly material, durable and beautiful.


90° milling

P52 can be used with millbox software to complete the 90° milling function of front teeth; make the carving of front teeth more perfect and beautiful.


Better dust proof

P52 integrates with vacuum cleaner and control it automatically; the vacuum cleaner can be switched on and off synchronously with the processing machine, and the linkage effect makes the processing more convenient.



Continue milling from the interrupted step to save processing time.

More stable

One-piece framework structural design, less issues will meet.

Tools management

P52 can be combined with UPCAM to realize automatic calculation of bur wear and reasonable planning of bur use cycle.

Thank you for choosing UP3D products, and we looking forward to seeing more digital collisions with you.

UP3D Team