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One-stop digital post & core manufacturing process


Are you worried about the complicated wax core fabrication process?

Are you worried about the post-core not fitting?

Are you worried about incomplete digital post-core scanning?

How to make digital post & core quickly and accurately?

Please see the tips below.



Today, I will introduce you to three digital ways of post-core scanning.

NO.1 Scan post & core model directly

The special structure advantage of UP360+ can scan deeper holes and gaps, and it can scan the post & core model at one time.

How to create an order?

Select the corresponding tooth location and repair type directly on the order interface, and select the unsegmented type.



NO.2 Scan stone model + impression post core

Usually, these problems are encountered when scanning model post&cores:

(1)The model holes are too deep and too fine to be scanned;

(2) Post cores with multiple root canals can be scanned by impression;

(3) Plaster post-core scanning is incomplete, and there is no clear margin line of impression post-core.

Don 't worry

UP360+ fully upgraded post-core function helps you solve post-core problems in all aspects.

How to create an order?

Open dental manager

After selecting the corresponding tooth position, choose inlay/high inlay mode.

And select "Scan impression post-core" below.


Scan the plaster model and impression separately, the software will automatically align them together to obtain a clear margin line and clear medullary cavity shape.

Scan model


Scan impression


Model and impression alignment


Scan finish


NO.3 Scanning post & core scan body

But, sometimes。。。

(1)The doctor didn’t provide the impression, only the stone model with a very thin and deep core.

(2)Impression powder spraying may also produce errors.

What to do in this case?!

The function of the newly added post & core scan body in UP360+ can directly convert the standard bottom of the post & core and convert the same size post & core scan body.

How to create an order?

Choose the model source “model”,

After selecting the corresponding tooth position, choose inlay/high inlay mode.

And select "Scan post-core scanning rod" below.


Scan the model without scan body


scan the scan body


Align with standard scan body data


scan finish


To solve the problem of post & core impression, saving the trouble of making wax core, it will be more convenient, fast, and accurate.

02 Designing

Then we use UPCAD design software to design the post-core model.

Simple operation, easy to use.


03 Nesting


UPCAM for nesting work, it’s a more easy operation.

With our self-developed UPCAM software, make it on your own!

04 Milling


Mill zirconia post & core with P5.

The neck margin line and post-core root tip can restore the best design shape perfectly.


05 Finish

Sintered and dyed, and finally tried on to confirm the production effect.


One-stop digital post & core manufacturing process.

Have you got it?

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