Shenzhen Up3d Tech Co.,Ltd is the first company who researches and developes independently the dental design 

software in China,and it is dedicated in researching and developing and manufacturing the dental 3d model scanner,

dental CAD/CAM system as the most excellent dental design software developer in China currently.

Up3d's headquater is located at Shenzhen ,and its research and development center at Hangzhou.Now its main products are:High precision blue light dental 3d model scanner(R&D independently),dental 

design software(UPCAD-R&D independently),dental computer aided manufacturing software(UPCAM-with the most advanced core algorithm of ModuleWorks,the supplier of tool path processing from Germany)

Up3d's team has been researching and developing the dental CAD/CAM system since 2012,after devoting several 

years to the research,it has achieved sustainable progress and breakthroughs in dental CAD/CAM technology.UP3D 

is dedicated in providing the most cost effective digital solution for the dentistry all over the world.